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duties include:
Represent the organization, or delegate representatives to act on behalf of the organization, in negotiations or other official functions,

Authorize and organize the establishment of major departments and associated senior staff positions,

Select middle managers, directors or other executive staff; delegate the necessary authority to them and create optimum working conditions,

Allocate material, human and financial resources to implement organizational policies and programs,

Establish financial and administrative controls; formulate and approve promotional campaigns; and approve overall human resources planning,

Establish objectives for the organization and formulate or approve policies and programs 3-5 years WE,

F/T permanent wages $53.00 / hour,

Medical, Group Insurance & other benefits at
Avanciers Incorporated,
2425 Matheson Blvd,
8th Floor,
Mississauga ON,
L4W 5K4 email

Resume at
Avanciers Incorporated
National Post
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Posted January 02, 2019